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Thanh Phu’s vision is to build a company that is globally known in the packaging industry. We have made commitments to achieve this goal by targeting the specific market niche in flexible packaging.

Our commitments

  • We work with our customers to provide the best product quality and service with a partnership approach to build long-term business relationship.
  • We have the ability to create value-added products that differentiate Thanh Phu Packaging in the Vietnamese marketplace.



Tissue Paper

Sanitary Napkin




Thanh Phu has been certified with ISO9001-2000 accreditation from SGS (Swiss) since 1999, and we are committed to adhere to this standard in order to supply products with high quality consistently.
Our QA/QC department controls quality from incoming raw materials, work-in-process goods to finished goods in order to respond timely to non-conformity issues.

We have continuously invested in our quality laboratory to ensure our products consistently meet or exceed customers’ expectation and requirements. Currently, we have our corporate criteria determined to evaluate materials performance, and finished products quality using ASTM standards for COF, sealing strength, elongation, sealing pressure, temperature, color control with L*a*b*, dE, barcode verifier under EAN13 guidelines.

  • Xrite handheld device – color control: density, dot gain, with L*a*b* measurement, dE
  • GretagMacbeth handheld device – similar usage as X-rite device
  • Syncmaster software for color management and paint mixing
  • Tension, elongation, puncture testing machine
  • Color assessment cabinet for color visual testing under different wavelengths
  • Coefficient of Friction machine (COF)
  • Heat sealing machine
  • Plaster oven for laminated film
  • Electric balance
  • Water residue measurement for solvent testing
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Our Partners & Customers

About Us

Thanh Phu Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd., is one of the leading manufacturers of flexible plastic packaging in Vietnam. We are committed to provide our customers with excellent product quality, customized service with competitive pricing. Founded in 1992, our company has grown from 20 workers into the neighborhood of 400 employees over the past 14 years

Our products have met the stringent requirements, in terms of quality and quantity, of the Vietnam growing domestic industries as well as the export markets.

We are committed to satisfy our customer with competitive pricing while maintaining the highest quality flexible plastic packaging materials delivered at a timely manner.

The continuous growth of Thanh Phu Packaging Co. is closely related to our employees, who are our most valuable assets. The Board of management of Thanh Phu is therefore committed to continuously building our corporate culture, on-the-job trainings, process improvements, and a safer working environment for our employees.

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Alex Hung Dam
Executive Vice President
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